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Hi, I'm Bob!  I'm a big helper in the yard, Mom calls me 'Bob the Bulldozer' because I help out so much!



Here I am helping to gather up Apple Gourds!  Whenever a dried gourd gets set down or falls down, I make sure to pick it up and run blind through the yard with it!  Of course, I NEVER run into anything when I do this, especially not any PLANTS!


Of course, after all that hard work of picking up the gourds, I have to take a break!  What's that you say, there's only HALF a gourd there - what happened to the other half??!!  Oh well, half a gourd is better than none at all!



Here I am helping dig a hole so Mom can plant those big pots . . . oh, that was hard work, I think I better take a nap first, then Mom can plant them (((YAWN!))).



Apart from gathering gourds and digging up, running over and laying on plants, I have other duties, too, like Baby Sitting the bottle baby Lambs - and that is quite a job!  Those little fellers can be a real handful!  But, as long as they share their milk, I don't mind!


Well, it's been nice visiting with you!  I hope you like all the seeds and plants we have for sale because I really work hard helping out with them!


Don't forget to SMILE!


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